This November 3rd, 2017 The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta will celebrate the fifth year of a simple, yet extremely meaningful, initiative called Random Act of Kindness Day.

With two thoughts in mind – to reinforce The Community Foundations vision of building a better community and to encourage the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy – the day is an invitation for individuals, schools, community groups, service clubs, businesses, schools, healthcare institutions, and churches to join hearts and hands to celebrate the kind and friendly community in which we live.

Random Act of Kindness Day will be a tremendous success with folks from all different walks of life performing small, simple, kind deeds. People have even shared some of their stories and you will find some of those personal accounts below.

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Kindness Ideas

Looking for ideas on how you can #Gobekind?

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary as a Community Foundation, we’re sharing our top 25 kindness suggestions – click here.

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We Want To Hear Your Stories!

If you are planning on performing Random Acts of Kindness this November, are a recipient of a Random Act of Kindness or witness a random act of kindness please send your stories to:  lisa@cfsea.ca or fill out the form to the right.

Kindness Stories!

Juice Boxes

Let me tell you about Theresa, she has a very special 8 year old son named Joe. Theresa sent Joe to school every morning with his regular lunch box, filled with a sandwich, some fruit, a couple extra snacks and a juice box. Theresa noticed over the course of a few weeks that JOE was taking an extra juice box to school. So she asked her son,” Joe, are you getting enough to drink at school?” Joe replied, “there is a friend in my class that comes to school without a drink and snacks in his lunch because his parents don’t have much money”. Theresa is very blessed to have a pay it forward son 🙂

Now this is Love

It was just 5 days before Christmas when my husband, daughter and I sat down for a meal at the Golden Corral Buffet in Great Falls Montana. What we did know is that we were REALLY hungry after a long drive, what we didn’t know is that we were about to experience something remarkable. My husband and daughter had dashed over to the desert section while I sat sipping a freshly poured coffee and observed my surroundings. I peered out the window to see a very elderly woman about 5 feet tall, with vibrant white hair, frail looking, but happy. She was pushing a man with one leg in a wheel chair, who I assumed was her husband. I took a second to admire them, thinking to myself, ‘now that is LOVE’. As she pushed him closer to the handicapped stall I thought, ‘Hmm, I wonder if she needs help?’ But, I was too late. I heard a man, two tables away sitting with his wife and young daughter, say “that lady looks like she might need a hand”. The shabbily dressed man, promptly jumped out of his seat without a jacket, to bear the cold and lend her a hand. I couldn’t keep my eyes off what was happening, I sat looking out the window captivated, feeling consumed by his kindness. I have no idea what was said in that parking lot, all I know is that it truly touched me to see people caring for each other. When he came back in to sit with his family he picked up exactly where he left off, he didnt brag about his good deed, he didnt bring it up at all. It was obvious to us that compassion and kindness was just in his nature, without any need for recognition or award. So we did the same for him, we purchased a gift card for him and asked the server to deliver it anonymously. The cool thing about having the gift card delivered while we were still there is that we were able to be one of many who witnessed his reaction. After questioning the waitress about “who bought this for us?” “did they say why?” he said to his wife “Huh, just before Christmas, WOW, that is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me”. I reached across the table, slipping my right hand inside my husbands, wrapping my left arm around my girl, feeling complete in the true meaning of Christmas. I thought to myself as we sat for that brief moment, in adoration of each other, ‘Now this is LOVE’.

Kindness at the Library

The Medicine Hat College library was the recipient of a random act of kindness. Lana Sutherland was checking an ‘in-house use’ book back into the system from the book drop when she found a note and an envelope inside. The note said “To the College Library Staff. Thanks for all your help. I hope this can help with books for the library!” and inside was $220 in cash. The donor still remains anonymous.


I hopped onto the bus on the morning after Halloween and it was a brisk November morning. I was headed out to take pictures of Rotary club members handing out free bus tickets to unsuspecting riders. I sat down in my spot at the front of the bus waiting for the plan to get underway. Then, a special girl lady named Cindy boarded the bus, saying hello and giving a hug to the driver. Cindy was about 45, Asian, with her hair in a long pony tail, wearing an over sided winter jacket and linking arms with her care giver. It was clear that Cindy and the driver were more than just acquaintances. Cindy reached into her pocket and pulled out three rolls of LifeSavers, she proudly reached out to the bus driver with the rolls laid in her hand as though they wrapped in gold. She said excitedly to the bus driver, pushing her hand closer, “I saved these ones special, just for you”. The driver beamed with surprise at the sentiment, gave Cindy a big hug and thanked her over and over again. Cindy made her way back to her usual seat as the bus drove on. I witnessed hundreds of acts of kindness that day, but Cindy and her friend the bus driver impacted me the most. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t think to snap a picture until the last second.